Why Does Campaigning Have to Become Street Brawling?

I always hope that campaigning for the elections, especially the presidential election, will be an opportunity for the truth about candidates to be revealed by the way they conduct themselves and what they have to say, as well as their past record. Instead we have a street fight in words among candidates. Frankly, I am tired of it, and I know many other Americans are as well. You would think with such great media coverage of the campaign, the truth would come out. Maybe it’s because of money – who can get the story out the fastest and cause the greatest sensation? And anything said in public, and often even in private, can be twisted to mean the opposite of the candidate’s intent. What a shame that so much time and money is spent on defaming the other person, calling names and making him/her out to be a poor choice.

Of course, not everyone is capable of being a good president, or elected official, and that is why we need to know the truth. I want to vote for someone with integrity and good leadership skills. I want a person who will defend the Constitution and who is proud to be an American without glossing over her problems. I want someone I can trust to be a good leader. So I need the truth.

I feel just awful for the children of the candidates when they hear their parent defamed, often untruthfully. How we abuse our freedom and responsibility!

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