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The Morning Stars Sang Together

At Creation, “the morning stars sang together.” (Job 38:7) I’ve heard that there’s music in the far away universe. Music has been called a universal language because understanding and appreciating music crosses language and cultural barriers. I discovered long ago … Continue reading

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It’s Almost Here!

Moving day. I don’t look forward to moving. It’s not so much the living in a new place and meeting new people as it is the process; sorting and packing, making address changes, finding new doctors, setting up with a … Continue reading

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The County Fair

Recently our local newspaper has featured stories about county fairs in our area. For many, the focus of fairs is the Midway: the rides, games, and food. I liked the Ferris wheel. But my family did not have money to … Continue reading

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A Walk in Montrose

Montrose, Pennsylvania, located in the Endless Mountains, is the county seat of Susquehanna County. My husband and I have visited Montrose for more than twenty years as we attend the writers conference at Montrose Bible Conference.   I love the … Continue reading

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Icon of Childhood

Superheroes are big business today. Most children have their favorite– Spiderman, Superman, Batman, etc. Superheroes are pretend. They have powers that go beyond what a normal person can do. Traditionally the superhero used his ability to help mankind. Smokey the … Continue reading

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American Heritage

When I have the opportunity to visit different parts of the USA, I am amazed at the beauty and diversity of the geography.  I have traveled from New York to South Carolina and Texas by car. I’ve also been to … Continue reading

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Big Sister

This picture reminds me of my oldest sister. Fourteen years my senior, she married and started her family while I was still a little girl. Nancy loved animals and nature, and I suppose it’s fitting that the apple trees were … Continue reading

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